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Humble Message to Possible Investor

I never really ,truly understood the importance of brand, until I Started develop[ing my products to put into market place. The brand is not only ,the appearance of your product, It is what your product says, it is what your product is. It is your product story, that is integral to the the message that you try to bring to the market place.

All these factors make your product special, unique, interesting, and of course, give people the reason to buy.. The Brand is the heart of any product

With over two decades of experience, developing brands for the spirits industry,
,my products for different distilling and bottling portfolios in EU, I am ready to bring that knowledge and expertise to your business

A brand is a full circle of development that starts with the look and and feel of the product, developing identity message and back story.

Of course, in spirits industry, there is also complicated TTB,cola in US market as well certain institutionas like Military canteen stores in various countries around the world, approval process to contend with, of which, I have vast experience.

Murlio. The Great Spirit Company

Message for Alco Bev Startup Promoters from Murlio

Message for Alco Bev start up promoters From Murlio, The Great Spirit Company. India

If you are starting a Alcoholic beverage company, the best way to ensure long term success is to start with a solid foundation, and that mean a perfectly executed beverage formulation process .

The first major task that you will tackle, if you are new to the Alco – beverage industry, after you have decided on your concept is your beverage formulation and development process. A well thought out and executed beverage formulation, is the cornerstone of any successful beverage business

When you strip away the fancy packaging and elaborate marketing campaigns, the beverage company is selling the formula, to the consumer.

I can help you to create a world class flavour using the new innovative ideas ,for example, I am working with several distilleries on finishing their products, using whiskey elements produced in USA by time and oak.

Now I can take a young whiskey and give it a great double oaked flavour in just seven weeks ,creating a unique premium product that saves both time and money.

Such products have won in USA more than 12 awards in US market and Lain America.
Who is your target consumer, what are their flavour,colour, taste and other beverage preferences?
What is going to be the price point? What is the serving size and what type of processing will be required, where do they perform the type of manufacturing that suits your product?

These are some of the important questions to ask before starting the physical process of procuring the base materials and blending them into samples for initial tasting.

The Message On Implementation of Introduction

You have a great product. Now you need to sell it. Your message as big as the look and feel of all your marketing materials to fit the overall image of your company or as small as your sales representative actually talking to the customers. Having a consistent message across marketing channels should be a priority for any business and marketing team.

I also take a 360 degree look at the entire marketing plan and sales strategy from top to bottom. An out side independent review can be invaluable., as a business owner can never be truly objective..I have a decade of direct sales experience as well 20- years of blending and product development,I am aware how and what sells and how to sell it.,I will make sure entire marketing team knows where to focus in terms of ideal customer and what message they are trying to convey.. This means the sales people are are communicating the message as your social media.

As a small business , you need to get your product in front of more people and make sure you are selling it to them.Message is integral to every aspect of the sales process, from social media to traditional advertising to exactly what your sales reps are saying.. The importance of consistency in messaging will determine your success of business.

Murlio. The Great Spirit company. India